Brain Antenna now live on Bewildering Stories!

Tobacco lives and works in the Boston area. He has published a novel and short stories that have won critical acclaim. When writing in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, he says he gravitates toward the dark side. “Brain Antenna” exemplifies a proclivity for pessimism. Readers will come to […]

Distortion gets picked up by Bewildering Stories

Distortion is one of my 2014 short stories, which won honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest that year. It is about a brilliant professor who creates brain antenna in half dead junkie subjects, in order to try to capture alien waveform life. It has been picked up […]

Mr. Sneer has been Published!

Mr. Sneer is now available at the Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles! I admit that it’s not my umm – happiest story ever – so, you may want to wait till after Christmas to read it. But read it you may, if read it you would like to do, […]

Eyes of the Dog now available here, free.

Well it’s been a year since Eyes of the Dog was first published, and I think it’s time to give it to the world for free! Click below for your copy: Eyes of the Dog by Tobacco Jones Enjoy, -Tobacco (oh yeah, and I’m finally working on something new, too. […]

My story “[sic]” is available online at 99 Pine Street 1

I am thrilled to report that the outstanding literary journal 99 Pine Street has published my short story, “[sic]” [sic] is a very personal and sad story for me, really nothing like my other writing at all. I don’t have much else to say about it, except that I […]

[sic] gets picked up by 99 Pine Street (August 2015)

I’m thrilled to report that short story [sic] will be published in the August issue of the wonderful literary journal 99 Pine Street. [sic] is my saddest and most personal piece, and I won’t say anything else about it until it is published. In other news, I’ve submitted Damiler of […]

Another writing exercise…

My writers’ group did another 20 minute exercise this weekend. We each got computer-generated prompts for Title, plot events, and words that must be used (I’ll put all that below.) Here’s what I came up with: The Missing Locket “What good is a sixty year old man going to do?” […]

Mr. Sneer gets picked up the The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles

I’m thrilled to report that my fourth short story, “Mr. Sneer” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue of The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles: Mr. Sneer is my first and only “non-genre” story – that is, it has no elements of sci fi or fantasy […]

A pair of awesome reviews for Ghosts in the Machine 1

I found a couple of nice reviews of Ghosts in the Machine this week: First, from the awesome House of Geekery, there’s this: At the backbone of this story is the philosophy behind AI evolving in our own internet. The explorations of how the Ghost world, the ‘Ethernet’, has […]

Story for Missy Gramer

Missy gave me the following opening line:  “Her unique task had been completed and she was no longer of any use..” And here’s the story I wrote. I took about 20 minutes, a bit more in aggregate because I got interrupted a few times. Anyway here it is: — Her […]